Weather Policy

 If there is inclement weather or a threat of inclement weather or other Acts of God at the start of the weekend, retreatants will be informed by email of any schedule changes. In the preregistration confirmation letter, participants will be asked to check their email for announcements. It will be up to the presenting couples, in consultation with leadership, to make the final decision regarding delays since the delays will affect the flow of the weekend. It is the presenting teams’ responsibility to email the retreatants (emails can be found on the retreatant registration list). Once the decision has been made and communication with retreatants completed, the decision is final. For 2 day weekends, there can be no more than a 2 -hour delay. If more than a 2-hour delay is needed, then the weekend will be canceled and rescheduled. A decision to delay will NOT be made until 6 AM the morning of the weekend start day. For 3-day weekends, a Friday cancellation would be made via email by 4:00 PM and result in a Saturday start and the 2-day weekend schedule will be followed. If inclement weather or other Acts of God are expected near the end of the weekend, the presenting couples together will make all decisions regarding early dismissal.