Apply for your Weekend

The first 20-22 paid couples  (one man and one woman) who apply will be considered for each weekend. If the weekend you wish to attend is full, you can be placed on a waiting list by selecting the waiting list button (visible only when a weekend is full). If a full weekend is the only weekend that works for you, please do not pay until you know you know your application has been accepted and are officially attending the weekend. If you are available for an alternative weekend, select your second choice and pay. We will notify you by email if space becomes available and you can apply for a different weekend and provide us your payment at that time.

You can apply through this website for weekends offered ONLY by Cincinnati-Covington Catholic Engaged Encounter. Click here to find weekends in others cities or see other weekend opportunities tab on THIS website.  Catholic Engaged Encounter is a VOLUNTEER run organization and volunteers have full time jobs etc. Please understand this when applying and/or contacting our volunteers.

Also, while Cincinnati-Covington Engaged Encounter is also affiliated with the Dioceses of Cincinnati and Covington, it is not managed or financially supported by either. For this reason, cancellations or changes to your weekend must be done at least 10 days prior to your scheduled weekend in order to receive a refund. Those made after that date (for any reason), will only receive a partial refund as we will still have to pay for food associated with your application. Those not showing up for the weekend will not be refunded.

We can and will expand our ministry (and add additional weekend) if or when additional couples volunteer, so if you enjoy your weekend, please consider supporting us in the future!


Please review our Terms and Conditions before continuing. To apply, click the date and complete the application.