Catholic Engaged Encounter is a 100% non-profit organization. All volunteers are unpaid. We receive no money from the Catholic Church, depending solely on the generosity of donors such as you. Couples before you have helped us accomplish our goals. We greatly appreciate your willingness to help today. Your financial donations will be used for these immediate needs:

Scholarships - Partial financial assistance may be available, based on the availabilty of funds, to couples who show personal need.  The current cost of a weekend is $210-$245 per couple, however any monetary amount toward this purpose is appreciated. 

Printing Supplies - The notebooks you used are the largest part of this cost, but we also print many other documents and items.

Technology - We are investing in a real time interactive web site which accepts your credit cards, returning instant weekend date confirmation. We are also investing in new ways of communicating through technology to reduce meeting time and expense.

Travel - Airfare, hotel, rental cars (for flying in or out replacement team couples / priests, attending out of town meetings, starting the weekend in new areas, and participating in training weekends).

If you would like to give a monetary gift through a credit, debit card, or from your paypal linked acocunt please click on the button below.