Why We Volunteer

Comments from some of our local ministry's volunteers...

Names: Ashley & Rob Altenau; Married on: June 16, 2007; CEE members since: 2009

Why do we wolunteer? The concepts we learned and discussed in-depth without distractions on our weekend support and strengthen our marriage every day and we want to share those building blocks with others. We are encouraged and inspired by the other couples helping out in the ministry and want to share our lives with them.


Names: Brian & Theresa Baker Married on: August 2, 2003 CEE members since 2013

Why do we volunteer? Couples need God to make marriage work. We hope that sharing our marriage struggles and triumphs with God's guidance will help other couples stay happily married until death do them part!

Names: Andy & Kristen Beardslee; Married on: April 13, 2002; CEE members since: 2003

Why do we volunteer? We loved the EE weekend we attended while we were engaged! We had experience presenting retreats in college and felt called to continue using our... lack of fear of public speaking, I guess, to share the EE experience with others. As years have passed, we see more and more clearly how poisonous our culture can be for marriages and families, and we want to do all we can to help couples combat that by putting Christ at the center of their marriage.


Names: Dave & Julie Esposito; Married on September 17, 2005. CEE members since 2006.

Why we volunteer? Dave is not Catholic and before our CEE retreat thought that pre-cana was going to be a stupid waste of time ("I don't want a priest who has never been married telling me about marriage"). By the end of the retreat, Dave was so impressed that he wanted to tell all our soon-to-be-married friends about CEE. When we started volunteering with CEE we met an entire network of really nice families than shared our values.


Names: Ray & Michelle Glutz; Married on: May 9, 2003; Cee members since 2003

Why we volunteer? We enjoyed and got a lot out of our weekend. We find helping engaged couples begin a Christian marriage a good way to give back to God. We continue to volunteer because of the wonderful couples we have met during the weekends and our fellow volunteers who are good Christian role models.


Names: Joe & Diane Green Married on: June 12, 1983 CEE members since 2003

Why do we volunteer? We got so much out of our CEE weekend and when we finally had the chance, we jumped at the opportunity to help other couples getting married. We continue to volunteer because we enjoy interacting with young couples and have found that the weekends and meetings have really enriched our own relationship. Most important, each CEE weekend renews our faith in our beliefs and in humanity.


Names: Albert & Melinda Kovacic Married on: June 20, 1998 CEE members since 2008

Why do we volunteer? We first volunteered because we wanted to help strengthen newly forming families by emphasizing how important it is to include Christ. We continue to volunteer because the CEE community provides us powerful Christian role models that remind us that we should never take our marriage for granted. Just as important, CEE is a lot of fun!


Names: Deacon Dan & Pris Murphy; Married on: March 30, 1968; CEE members since 2010

Why do we volunteer? I have worked with couples preparing for marriage for many years and I believe CEE is an excellent tool to prepare couples.


Names: Dave & Geri Weller Married on: October 12, 1996 CEE Members since 1997

Why do we volunteer? We are involved in CEE because we believe in the value of marriage. We want to help others understand that marriage is a sacrament and is worth the time and effort it can take. Also we enjoy spending time with the community of couples who share our values.