Weekend Topics

Engaged Couples have the opportunity to concentrate exclusively on each other through the ideas generated from the following discussions: 

Understanding Myself Couples will look at both the positive and negative aspects of themselves, which makes them unique and lovable.

Is Romance Enough? The different stages of romance, disillusionment, and true joy which all couples experience in their relationship with each other will be discussed. The team shares that love does not depend on feelings alone but is a decision that we must make every day.

Are We Really Communicating? Openness is a process of talking and listening that involves elements of trust, risk, and acceptance. Couples will be invited to discuss their communication styles.

Unity in Marriage Couples will look at how preconceived ideas about marriage can affect their relationships. Marriage is NOT just living together, NOR just an anniversary date, but IS a lifelong commitment to each other.

Creating a Life-Giving Marriage Couples will discuss the idea that marriage is a sacred call from God to love one another uniquely, totally, and irrevocably. Striving for oneness, not happiness, is the goal for marriage.

Marriage Morality Couples discuss the idea that marriage morality consists of being life-giving in accordance with the ideal established by Jesus “I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly.”

Becoming a Family Couples are invited to develop a value-oriented family life including openness to life and valuing children as traits of a Christian marriage.

Decisions in Marriage Engaged couples are offered the opportunity to use the guidelines of prayer, discernment, consultation, and mutual agreement for practical decisions they will be making in their marriage.

Intimacy in Marriage Couples discss the role of sex in their sacramental marriage. While sex is part of one's overall relationship, it is NOT just an isolated activity. Sexuality is a God-given gift to be shared between a married couple in a life-giving and responsible manner.

The Sacrament of Marriage  Couples will be asked to discuss how their marriage is a sacrament, rather, that they are to become a sacrament, rather than just receive a sacrament. The team shares with them the beauty of living out this sacrament in everyday lives.

Betrothal Couples will discuss the difference between preparation for a wedding day and preparation for a lifetime of marriage. A betrothal is a Christian pledge to a relationship before God and community. The engaged couples are invited to write a betrothal to each other.

Stewardship This discussion encourages the engaged couples to recognize the joy of their love and to share it—not to keep it just to themselves. The couple has the responsibility to be generous with their love—like the disciples that were sent out to be stewards of Jesus. This discussion also gives the couples the opportunity to show each other and others how much this weekend has meant to them. The team gives the couples an opportunity to volunteer for various activities in Engaged Encounter as well as helping the ministry financially.